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Daniel G. Watson Artist


Daniel Gordon Watson

This website contains information about Daniel Watson, an artist who is not at liberty. He resides in Soledad, California. This site is maintained by Mary Donaldson, a friend. If you have comments to pass along to Daniel, please make use of the contact option. The resulting email will be sent to Mary Donaldson who will print and mail to Daniel Watson. He does not have access to the internet.

There are currently 12 galleries that you can access by clicking on the "Photo Gallery" above. Images are organized by theme. Subjects are Abstraction, Apocolypse, Environment and the Natural World, Life in Prison, Famous People, Friends in Soledad, Paper Pulp Paintings, Sculpture, Truck Series, Commissioned Portraits, Early Work, and Self-Portraits. You are able to view them as slide shows.

There are several new postings under "Writings" and more to come, as they are transcribed.


Viewers often remark about Daniel Watson's intricate drawings and ask "How does he do it?" He helpfully provided a sample and a photo of it is linked below.
Photography courtesy of Phyllis Kind Gallery, John Faier, Scott Donaldson, William H. Bengtson.

Higher resolution images may be available. To request a larger photo, please do so via the Contact option at top right.

The most recent editing of this site occurred on July 7, 2013


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